Project 4.1

Thermo King Repair Facility

On Wednesday November 13, 2013, I arrived at work at 7:00 am. Immediately my boss summoned me to his office.

 “Carlton,” he said, “I want you to take tractor trailer #2 back to the Thermo King Repair Center in Palm Beach to have them correct the repair they had done on the tractor. I paid them too much money only to get partial fixes.”

“Okay, I will leave right away.” I replied.

            As I was about to depart, the thought occurred to me, this would be a good place about which to write my essay. I will do my observations while I am waiting for the repairs to be completed.

            I arrived at the Thermo King facility at 10:15 am, and already the place was a bee hive of activities. The building was a huge two story building, rectangular shaped, constructed of cement and zinc, with an aluminum roof, and painted beige and brown.

                                      (Thermo King Web).

            Rob the manager, who is about 5ft 6ins tall, heavy set, and with a husky voice, greeted me.

 “What are you doing back here?” he asked, with a smile.

“You did not do a good job on the truck; the problems are still there,” I replied.

 “Okay, I will have someone inspect it immediately. Have a seat and make yourself comfortable,” he told me before walking away.

            When he left, I started my observations. On closer scrutiny I noticed that the building had two sections;the right section was used for the administrative area, and that section was two levels. The left section was in fact one level with a high roof, and it was used as the vehicle repair center. This section has four bays, and a vehicle undergoing repairs was parked in each bay. Several uniformly dressed technicians wearing gray trousers and blue shirts were busy performing repairs to the vehicles.

            In bay one, there was a school bus having its a/c system worked on by a tall, slender, middle aged Caucasian man, about 6 feet tall with a scruffy beard, an earring in his left ear, and a tattoo of the crucifixion on his right biceps.

            A Cheney Brothers Trailer was parked in the second bay, having work done to its refrigerated unit by two technicians standing on an elevated platforms with tools in their hands poking and pulling bolts while talking to each other.

            There was another trailer parked in the third bay. The Thermo King unit was completely removed from it, and there were three technicians crouched over what appeared to be an old engine on the floor, and there was a new engine suspended in the air by chains and pulleys next to the trailer.

“This is what we need to do,” said one of the technicians to the others. “We need to remove the compressor from the old unit and attach it to the new engine. This job must be completed today; the customer needs it.”

            “Carlton!” yelled Rob, “park your truck in bay four next to that other truck; Joe is going to inspect and repair it.”

            “Will do, but this time please be thorough. I do not want to return here to have the same problems corrected,” I quipped.

 Joe a shoddily dressed, unpleasant looking older Hispanic man, with shoulder length hair and an un-kept beard, who carries the acrid stench of tobacco with him, asked grouchily, “What is the problem with the truck?”

 I told him that the problem was the same as the last time, and hurriedly left because I could detect that he was not in a good mood.

            As I looked around, I saw that the entire property was filled with vehicles waiting to be repaired; there were trailers, tractors, school buses, straight trucks, and box trucks. To the rear of the property, there were several board crates of different sizes stocked in a corner with the words “Thermo King Unit” written on them. Everyone was busy; the rattling sounds of hand tools, power tools, engines and refrigerated units filled the air, punctuated by the raspy sound of Rob’s voice, issuing instructions to the technicians.    

            I thought to myself, certainly they cannot accept another customer. Just then another truck drove in.

 “Where can I park this truck? The driver asked.

 “Just leave it where it is, we will figure something out later,” Rob responded.

 The driver then proceeded to explain to Rob the problem he was having with the truck, and implored him to have the truck fixed by the end of the week. Rob assured him that it would be fixed on time. The driver then left looking somewhat doubtful. I was even more pessimistic that he would get his truck in time, considering the number of vehicle waiting there to be repaired.

“Carlton, please report to the manager’s office,” a voice said over the public address system.

 When I got there, Rob told me that the problem to my truck had been rectified. He explained that a hose was disconnected, and that they reattached it, and the truck now operates perfectly. I thanked him and left, thinking to myself, this is truly a high paced working environment. I feel for the technicians who work here.  



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